West Point Mens LAX

School & Scout Groups – through High School

School & Scout group pricing is effective for school class and scouting trips visiting between September 15 and June 15. For class and scout trips visiting between June 16-Sept 14 please visit our Guide Services page for pricing.

Create a rich educational experience for your students with a tour of historic West Point. Our guides can tailor the tour to focus on specific areas to complement your curriculum.  Whether emphasizing the Revolutionary period, military history, the traditions of the Academy, or more, our knowledgeable guides and hands-on application will help bring history to life. 

  • The West Point Story

    Post Tour
    90 minutes

    This tour is a combined bus and walking tour with our guide on your bus which tells the story of West Point, its role in the Revolution, its famous history, along with stories about graduates who shaped our nation.  The tour will bring the Long Gray Line to the present as you learn of the cadet experience and West Point’s continuing role in training the leaders of tomorrow. 

    This tour goes around the post with a stop at Trophy Point overlooking the Hudson River and the Plain.  Your students will walk through history as they view canons, mortars, and monuments from the 'Wars that shaped our Nation' and were actually used during the Revolutionary war, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, and the Spanish-American War.  A special stop can be made by the Great Chain, which was stretched across the Hudson as a a defensive measure during the Revolutionary war.  At the Plain, hear the history of such graduates as Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower, and George S. Patton, as well as how the West Point Experience shapes future leaders. This tour also typically includes the main Cadet Chapel where students can view beautiful stained glass windows, the largest pipe organ in a religious facility in the world, and more in this beautiful gothic cathedral.  This tour also drives by Blaik Field at Michie Stadium and Holleder Center, the Air Flight Memorials, and the American Soldier Statue.

    $220 per step-on guide on your bus
    Price does not include any gratuity you may wish to give the guide. 

  • History and Tradition

    Post Tour with West Point Cemetery
    2 hours

    Our 2 hour tour includes all the sites you see on the one hour and 15 minute tour. The additional time includes a tour of the West Point Cemetery and Old Cadet Chapel, built in 1837. This tour delves into the lives and contributions of some of the US Military's and West Point's most notable figures laid to rest on this hallowed ground. Learn more about George Custer, Ed White II, George Goethals, David "Mickey" Marcus, Norman Schwarzkopf, Sylvanus Thayer, and many more. ​

    ​This tour requires moderate walking and visitors spend a​pproximately 1 hour and 20 minutes off the bus at the various stops, most of which is outdoors. Some pathways may be unpaved and the ground uneven. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. We encourage guests to bring water and take measures to protect themselves from the elements. This tour is seasonal. It is offered weekends only from April to May and daily from Memorial Day to October. In November, it is offered weekends only as well as Veterans Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving.​ While a rare occasion, this tour can be re-directed due to an unforeseen funeral or ceremony.​

    $270 per step-on guide on your bus
    Price does not include any gratuity you may wish to give your guide. 

  • The Youth Leadership Tour

    The  School & Scout Leadership Tour 
    2 hours

    Leadership development is the key component of the Academy's mission in preparing officers to serve in the United States Army.  Recommended for 13-18 year olds in middle and high school, Scouts, Junior ROTC, service clubs, and sports teams, this tour will present an overview of the leadership principles and activities which cadet’s experience over 4 years.

    The tour is designed to invite participants to identify similar ideas in their experiences and will offer real life examples of the importance of character, teamwork, service and good citizenship.   In addition all the West Point highlights and history will be covered such as Trophy Point overlooking the Hudson River, the parade grounds and Cadet Area, and the Cadet Chapel.

    $290 per step-on guide on your bus - 2 hour tour

    The price does not include any gratuity you may wish to give the guide. 

  • The Revolutionary War

    The Revolutionary War Tour 
    2 hours or 3 hours (includes 1 hour in the West Point Museum)

    West Point played a pivotal role in the war of American Independence. The tour focuses on this exciting chapter in West Point’s history.  Students are selected to role play (in advance) important figures such as George Washington, Molly Corbin, Benedict Arnold and others. The tour is designed to both inform and stimulate discussion. Although focused on the Revolution, this tour will also explain the broader role of West Point in the history of our country, how it selects cadets and what the cadet experience is like. Ideal for middle school, 5-8th grade.  The majority of the tour is off the bus.

    $270 per step-on guide on your bus - 2 hour tour
    $360 per step-on guide on your bus - 3 hours (includes 1 hour in the West Point Museum)

    The price does not include any gratuity you may wish to give the guide. 

  • The West Point Experience

    Post Tour with Museum
    2.5 hours

    This tour is ideal for school & scout groups combining the 1.5 hour tour of the Academy grounds with a 1 hour guided tour of the West Point Museum. Accompanied by our knowledgeable guides, in the museum your class will be divided into smaller groups and visit each of the galleries tying-in the museum visit with the story of West Point and your curriculum, if applicable.

    $330 per step-on guide on your bus 
    The price does not include any gratuity you may wish to give the guide. 

  • The Long Gray Line

    Choose the Stops
    3 hours

    This tour combines the History and Tradition 2 Hour Tour with a 1 hour guided tour of the West Point Museum, our nation's oldest federal museum.  Your group will visit galleries expanding on the wide contribution of both West Point the and U.S. Army to the development of our country.

     $360 per step-on guide on your bus

    Price does not include any gratuity you may wish to give the guide. 


Please call our office at 845-446-4724 to begin creating your unique West Point experience.

Days of Operation

Tours operate daily except for:

  • The Saturdays of Army home football games
  • Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day
  • During Graduation Week on May 19, 22, & 23

Hours of Operation

  • Tours can start after 9:00 AM.
  • All tours must end by 5:00 PM daily.

West Point Military Security Requirements for Groups

West Point is an active military post and as such requires the following from our group visitors.

  • Everyone over the age of 17 years old is required to bring government issued photo ID. Examples: Drivers license or passport. Students between 16-18 years of age may bring high school photo ID. Orignial documents only, NO PHOTO COPIES.
  • Foreign visitors of ALL ages must have their passports. Orignial documents only, NO PHOTO COPIES.
  • Each group must send in a manifest sheet completed with the names, dates of birth, gender, and type of ID being used. Click here to download form.  Click here if you need further instructions to complete the manifest.

West Point is an active army post and as such tour times and access to venues within West Point are subject to change without notice.